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As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, with the life master institute, The premier training center for transformational coaching. Janet Grund can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose, a life you love living.
For over 20yrs, Janet developed programs and policies that tracked the mission readiness indicators that build a fit and healthy soldier airman and marine through military medical readiness training programs and initiatives. Specializing in preventive medicine holding certification as an exercise physiologist, Health educator, nutrition specialist and master resiliency trainer Janet holds a master’s in science from Angelo state university San Angelo Tx , Janet’s programs for military and civilian personnel provided ongoing lifestyle coaching and resilience master trainer workshops and. programs rooted in physical and mental health improvement, strategies Janet is currently retired from both military and civil service careers having worked for the White House, The Pentagon, Numerous Defense intelligence Agencies’ US Military bands, US Drill teams, Space shuttle programs Thunderbirds and countless tenant and auxiliary units in the DC Metro Area. 


Now, Janet is residing and working a growing dream builder transformational life coaching business in California. She is Super excited to be a part of Dream Builders programs that support scientific evidence based approach to behavior change and self discovery of a spiritual nature. . These programs accelerate the results of participants, and creates a richer, more fulfilled happier and healthier person!.
Janet Grund is the author of Combat Covid-19 Symptoms, Home healthcare natural remedies book Janet is also the designer of the calming bracelet stress management educational tool .

Janet has a You tube channel under her name. making her a sought after life coach and professional workshop Keynote speaker. Having provided International inspirational keynote speaking services in Germany Holland and the island of Quam
Stateside audiences in Indiana, Florida and Texas spreading the gospel message along with impowering life lessons in behavioral health. Coaching. Under Janet’s tutelage thousands have benefited from her transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients
achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual revival!

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