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Welcome to Our Strength-Based Therapy Sessions

At New Day 2Day, we promise a customized and effective solution to help you deal with the difficulties of daily life. Solution-based counseling is one of the best treatments for the unique journeys our health consultants offer. We empower you through our solution-focused therapy sessions and seminars. By unlocking your strengths, we discover a brighter path and enable you to embrace your potential with us.

What is Your Brief Therapy?

Our solution focused on brief counseling brings the most effective solutions in the shortest period to ease your way. It consists of techniques and models that address specific concerns in a limited timeframe. With the spread of digital media, which aims to bring pace to every stage of life, our sessions offer peace of mind most quickly compared to traditional therapy methods.

What is Brief Solution Focused Therapy?

Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT) aims to identify and draft solutions that fit your needs. It is also known as Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), which focuses on the problem and how to resolve it in the best possible manner. New Day 2Day’s approach helps those individuals reach their goals immediately.

Our approach to solution-focused brief therapy includes the following:

Solution-Oriented: The BSFT approach concentrates more on solutions than the cause of the problem. This approach helps build effective strategies to transform your life for a better tomorrow.
Goal-Centric: We create our therapeutic process to empower you for the crucial steps in the future. Our therapist ensures a hassle-free route for you to take the best action to achieve your goals.
Comprehensive and Time Limited: This short-term course of treatment is designed with fewer sessions. It works as a catalyst while dealing with your problems and finding a long-lasting solution.

What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)?

New Day 2Day takes an innovative approach by choosing a strength-based and result-oriented therapeutic strategy. The central idea of this approach is to empower you and make you feel valued. We deliver the importance of making wise decisions and leading you toward betterment.
SBFT tailors solutions as per your needs. We focus on a positive change by leading you towards a path of success. Our approach is to analyze the problem and find the solution rather than dwelling on the problem’s origin.

Why Choose Solution Therapy at New Day 2Day?

Effectiveness: If you seek a quick result, this plan perfectly fits you—a short-term plan with fewer sessions and a better path.

Authorized: Our consultants offer a unique approach by dedicating their help to nourish your soul. This helps you in achieving long-lasting, exceptional changes in life.

Collaboration: As part of the SFBT process, our therapist strives to develop strategies to help you achieve your target.

How to Book Our Session?

Here are a few steps through which you can book your therapy session with New Day 2Day:

Contact Us: Reach us through our helpline number or email us to book an appointment.

Meet Your Therapist: We’ll examine your needs in your initial consultation and assign the most suitable consultant.

Treatment Sessions: Let us schedule your session as per your need, on your decided medium. Whether you are seeking a virtual or onsite session, we’ve got you covered!

Personal Development: You are set for your desired session in a few simple steps for a positive journey.

Goals of Solution-Focused Therapy

Our target is to help you achieve those goals that lead to positive changes in life. Our customized path enables you to make wise decisions through our solution-focused therapy sessions. Discover an innovative approach toward healing with us. We find solutions for your wellness on priority for a brighter future. Book your customized session today!

Your Well-Being (SFBT)? is Important to Us

At New Day 2Day, we understand the importance of mental well-being. By embracing your wellness, we enable you to take the first step towards improvement. Our dedicated therapists are ready to serve you in different stages of life. Our passion for helping our clients has made us stand out. You can trust us for a safer space where you can ‘Be Yourself’ and explore a better version of yourself.

We invite you for a brightest tomorrow with New Day 2Day. Book your session today to begin a journey of self-awareness and transformation. Your journey for a brighter future is a tap away!

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